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  1. We lost our pug Kodi on Friday morning on the top of Prison Hill. Along with searching Silver Saddle ranch all day, I also called your office. Your staff was very helpful, proficient and caring. By that night I had pretty much given up hope because of the remoteness of the area where he was lost, the night temperature, as well as him being deaf.

    I was surprised and extremely happy when your office called me at 1500 on Saturday to say they were bringing in an injured pug that was found in Riverview Park. He was in shock and very chewed up from either a coyote or another dog. After surgery to reattach his chest muscles and lots of rest he is doing great. It is truly amazing he survived the night as well as the attack.

    Thank you to the Animal Control Officer who transported him to the vet (I was in as much shock as Kodi so I don’t even think I thanked her) as well as everyone at your office. They were just wonderful.

    I was also contacted by the elderly couple that found him as well as the two women that carried him out of the park and to Animal Control. I was fortunate to be able to thank all of them for saving his life.

    Please thank everyone there.

  2. When my daughter asked for a puppy for her 7th birthday, my husband & I knew we had to adopt from a shelter. We have adopted other animals from shelters & have always been blessed with wonderful furry family members.

    In April 2012, we adopted Jenny, a Cheagle (chihuahua/beagle), as a loving companion for our daughter. While Jenny stayed at Carson City Animal Shelter, she bonded with Heather. Heather did a wonderful job of loving Jenny as she is a very sweet pup. The facility was clean; the staff was sweet, caring & very helpful. We adopted a healthy, clean, well behaved puppy. It’s obvious that the shelter took very good care of her.

    Jenny makes us laugh and never fails in her attempts to melt our hearts everyday. Jenny is our regal cheagle.

  3. Since January 2013, we have already had 38 adoptions from our Puppies on Parole program! Check out all the animals available at the shelter and check out our Facebook page for pictures and information about upcoming adoption events!

  4. Sophie and Ranger got adopted today. They are both heading to fantastic homes! That makes 40 adoptions from the PUPs program this year!

  5. We adopted a female Rottweiler mix in Feb. and I wanted to share what a wonderful pet she has become for us. She had just had puppies-dumped off at the pound- I just couldn’t resist those big sad eyes.I had her spayed and brought her home. We have chickens and a cat. The cat loves her- they play, chasing each other and will lay together in front of the wood stove. Has never chased a chicken. They walk all around her in complete safety. Housebroken from day one. But the best thing is how loving she is to us. Lays at our feet-has to be in the same room as you. Never had a dog so devoted. I know black dogs are a little harder to get adopted but this one is a real sweetheart! Sending along a picture or two.

  6. We adopted Spudz, a terrier mix just a few days ago and we couldn’t have asked for a better pup! The moment we picked him up from the veterinarian after his neuter, he has been a great dog. He is friendly with our two cats, he loves to walk, and is very playful. He is also very smart and easy to train-in the first night he learned to sit and to go potty outside. He is a joy to us and we thank the Carson City shelter for our wonderful new family member!

  7. On March 27th, 2013, I adopted a dog named Boogie. He had been part of the puppy prison program where his trainer(s) taught him his basic commands became a bit more socialized, and was potty trained. The day I adopted him, he was due to be transferred to an ASPCA due to his shyness of new people. I, along with my step-mom, met Boogie and fell in love with him right away, so we took him home. In the beginning, he was extremely people shy and didn’t like children very much. He now seems like a completely different dog. He walks up to strangers and loves them and he’s handling being around children much better. He spends his time at my house, where he had two big brothers(we just had to put our older one down), and at my aunt’s house, where he has two other brothers and a sister. He loves to run and run and play and love anyone in sight. He is just the light of my life and made an amazing addition to my family!

  8. I am so happy to hear about Boogie, he was one of my favorites in the PUPS program. It is so nice to know that he did really find his forever family!! THANK YOU Autumn for giving him a home full of love and happiness!
    I also wanted to comment on Jazzy…What a difference a bath and a haircut makes! What a great smile!

  9. I need to thank Tonya Petri at CARSON CITY ANIMAL SERVICES, I would not have my beloved dog home if she had not been working on her day off from CCAS,she was going through the lost and found and saw my Jack Russell was missing, on her own time she called me and told me Carson City Animal Services had her and that she was safe! My dog is blind and 13 yrs old . I cannot do or say enough about the wonderful treatment this facility gave my little Jack….Thankyou Tonya you restored my faith back in people!

  10. After buying our first home, my boyfriend and I were looking to expand our little family (which consists of chickens and two kitties). We have an acre property and we knew we wanted a big family/guard dog. After looking every day for a year and a half, someone asked me if I checked the animal shelter in Carson City. I hadn’t. For some reason I had only looked in Reno. I pulled up the Carson City Animal Services webpage and came across a red and tan Doberman Pinscher. Well, my boyfriend and I had talked about breeds of dogs we would want and a Doberman was at the top of our list. The only problem is, we didn’t want a dog with cropped ears or tail and we really wanted to adopt. Red, as he was so fittingly named, was less than a year old and had his ears and his tail! I thought, this can’t be. It’s too good to be true. So off to the CCAS I went. I thought, no way this puppy can still be available, Dobermans are hard to come by and usually very expensive. Red had just graduated from the Pups prison training Program and was just listed on the website for adoption. When I got to the shelter, I was very nervous. I was sure he wouldn’t still be available. I went out to the kennels and when I got to the third kennel, there he was, the most beautiful dog I had ever seen! I got very excited and ran inside to let the staff know I wanted to have a meet and greet; which, is required before you can adopt. The very friendly front officer kindly told me I was the 4TH in line to meet and greet with Red. My heart sunk. I just knew there was no way the first three families could pass up on this amazing pup. The first family had called and was going to be 20 minutes late and one family had left. It was just me and another family waiting for the first family to come. (While waiting, a man came in and told the officer he couldn’t afford to feed his dogs. After about two minutes, someone brought out a huge bag of dog food and gave it to the man. That was it, no questions asked!) Finally the family came. I just couldn’t leave yet, I HAD to meet this dog. The first family had very young children and were nervous about Red because he was very large and a bit nervous/intimidating, so they passed. It was down to me and one other family. The next family went out and after about 10 minutes, I heard one of the staff tell the front officer she was not going to let that family adopt Red because he didn’t seem to like them. I thought, wait what? They don’t just adopt the dogs to anyone? They make sure the dogs bond with their potential owner? And then it was my turn. I got very nervous and thought, what if he doesn’t like me? I got to the fenced yard and a staff member brought this 80lb dog to me and gave me the leash and walked away. I asked the lady to stay with me and she said no, it’s time for you to get to know him. So it was just me and Red. He was very strong and very beautiful. I found a ball outside and threw it for him. He ran after it, with me still attached to his leash! We played for about 15 minutes and then he licked me! Five months later my boyfriend and I could not be happier. Red (we kept the name!) just seems like he was meant for us! He is the best dog anyone could ask for. He keeps our cats and chickens on their toes, in a very big brother kind of way! He made a best friend with one of our kitties. He is the best fetcher in town and absolutely loves the water! He’s great with all animals and people and has the most intimidating bark! Red came to us FULLY trained! He is house trained, knows sit, shake, lay down, with me, leave it, high five AND he walks well on a leash. Red came with a journal from the inmate that trained him for six weeks. Red lived with this prisoner who documented every experience with him for the six weeks he lived in prison with him. The journal is very special and it really gave us an insight into the pride these prisoners take in this program. For a $90 adoption fee, we gained a new member of our family. We want to say thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help Red get to his forever family. We are ready to expand our family again and will be looking everyday at the CCAS webpage for a buddy for Red!


  12. Thank you to the 2012 Secret Santa couple who made adoption of a very tall “pups on parole” dog possible a year ago today. He is a loving and devoted addition to the family. He has favorite tricks, including standing up and looking out the front window to see who is approaching the house (making him about 6 feet tall, a great protector); playing ball and catching it in the air in his gigantic mouth; and dropping tennis balls in shoes or bags. People comment that he is a good looking dog and on how well trained he is.

  13. I gave birth to my son in November of 2012. He was an amazing little boy, but I had post partum depression. My whole life was foggy and faded. Nothing I did felt like it was making any difference. I didn’t have health insurance so I looked for home remedies. I started taking vitamin supplements and doing yoga, it helped a little, but not much. My husband knew I always loved animals, and going from working with livestock daily to living in an apartment was rough on me, so he took me to the shelter. That’s where I fell in love. My dog is a 7 year old mutt. He went by the name “Puffy” or “Puff Daddy” when we met. He was dirty and he smelled awful, and I didn’t care. He had the happiest face. I adopted him that day. It was May of 2013. He is absolutely amazing. He is healthy, happy and outgoing. He is the most loving dog and such an understanding soul. He is my son’s best friend, he doesn’t even react when the baby wrestles him. Romeo is his name now, and he is my canine soul mate. I couldn’t imagine a better dog. He has improved my life in the most amazing way. I love my fur baby <3

  14. My husband and I had decided for our anniversary in Nov we wanted to adopt a puppy. I went on your website and the cutest Border Collie Australian Shepard named Chips, we have since named him Riley, was on there. I immediately called to make an apt to see him after work. When I got there I was told there was a family there waiting and 5 people on the call list waiting for me to make a decision because they all wanted him. It took about 10 seconds in the play yard for me to fall in love. The first night we had him, I put his bed on the floor next to our bed. As soon as I got into bed he jumped up, laid on my chest and went to sleep. He has used me as a pillow every night since, he is a bed hog though. Lol. Riley is attached to my hip at all times, every time I sit he wants to be in my lap and even has me trained that anytime he rolls onto his back I have to rub his belly. He is so playful, very well behaved, loves to cuddle and is a great addition to our family. Now I just have to stop his habit of waking me up with face kisses before my alarm goes off… I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Everyone that has met him has fallen in love with him also.

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