Pups on Parole


Carson City Animal Services and Warm Springs Correctional Center bring you:

Pups on Parole!


A program where shelter dogs are trained as Companion pets. We give the dogs manners and you give them love. All dogs are trained in the basics: house trained, leave it, sit, heel, lie down, stay and socialization. All dogs have been spayed or neutered and are current on their vaccinations

History of PUPS ON PAROLE…

In the early 2000′s, administrators from the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) proposed an innovative program which would allow selected inmates the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to care for and train abused, neglected and/or surrenderd canines.

On August 3rd, 2002, the “Pups on Parole” program was formally established at the Nevada State Prison.  Hundreds of inmates applied for this opportunity.  Only eight were selected to become handlers/trainers.  After weeks of training by the Nevada Humane Society, the first troubled dogs/pups arrived at the prison.  Those eight inmate handlers successfully trained the animals in basic obedience, taught them a few tricks, and most importantly, enabled them to once again trust a human being.

After initial adoptions, everyone took notice.  The Pups on Parole program was a success!  Local news media offered various reports on the program, and even Animal Planet came to the Nevada State Prison and conducted interviews with prison officials and inmate handlers/trainers for their special, “Dogs Behind Bars”.

NDOC officials, seeing what a great rehabilitative tool the Pups on Parole program was, ordered the program to be expanded to Silver Springs Conservation Camp as well as the Warm Springs Correctional Center.

Over the next few years, Pups remained successful until the economic crisis caused the NDOC budget to be slashed.  Silver Springs closed and prisons became overcrowded.  Due to the overcrowding, Pups on Parole was removed from Warm Springs.  The initial program at the Nevada State Prison remained intact.

This remaining program continued to be successful.  Even with the changes in administration and inmate handlers.  Pups on Parole maintained its sound foundation to the point that the California prison officials began their own companion canine/service program.  This program began as a direct result of the proven success of the Pups on Parole program.  The program reached its peak and world wide notoriet when a Japanese production company filmed a documentary about the success of the program.

In 2010, once again the economic crisis struck.  Nevada State Prison was slated for closure and the Nevada Humane Society pulled its support from the program.

Innovative thinkers once again came to the forefront.  Carson City Animal Services took over and it was decided that the Pups on Parole program would not be shut down, but instead moved to the Warm Springs Correctional Center.

Now, in 2014, the Pups on Parole program, with the continued sponsorship of the Carson City Animal Services, has grown to eighteen inmate handlers, fifteen inmate sitters/walkers, and the very supportive staff of Warm Springs Correctional Center!


If you have questions and are interested in a dog for yourself or someone else please contact:

The Carson City Animal Shelter – (775) 887-2171 



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